Our method is

Evidence based

We follow scientific research principles. Our recommendations are based on evidence from published and reviewed research, which we combine with bespoke analysis performed at each student accommodation.


We analyse each site, map environmentally relevant behaviours and we design solutions that best fit each site and the specific lifestyle of its student population. Once implemented we test each startegy and fine tune details to achieve optimal outcomes.


Our projects deliver long-lasting, measurable results. We define the success of our projects as the difference between the initial key measurements and the value of the same indicators during the execution of the program.


Our techniques are innovative and we never stop improving on the sustainability levels achieved. This is ensured by our evolutive work cycle combining methodologies used in Scientific Research and Agile development and Lean project management.

We build on

Behavioural Science

We use Behavioural Science to understand everyday, environmentally significant choices made by students living in the university accommodations. This understanding leads to solutions that help residents effortlessly engage in pro-environmental behaviours while improving on their quality of life.

Architecture & Design

One of the most influential factors in the quest for sustainability is the way buildings are used by inhabitants. Our team deploys Architectural and Design expertise as a toolset to help create or reshape student environments that can easily be used in a sustainable fashion.

Digital technology

Internet of things, social platforms and connectedness on mobile devices are the hallmarks of student life. We are incorporating decade long scientific research results into digital solutions that playfully and meaningfully engage students in sustainable living.

We care deeply about

Student satisfaction

For Serocco, student needs are the starting point of all endeavours to engage students in sustainable ways of living. This ensures increased student satisfaction and effortless transitions to a higher level of environmental sustainability.

Academic performance

Academic performance and sustainability promoting design are a perfect fit. Spaces where adequate environment protective solutions are applied are ideal for concentration and learning, supportive of academic performance.


Truly sustainable accommodations should always strive for increasing the well-being and comfort of residents. Our work in increasing sustainability levels of student accommodations deploy methods that consider residents' well-being.

Meet the team

Adrienn leads the design of all interventions combining her deep knowledge in behavioural science and environmental psychology with her decade long experience in architecture and interior design.

She is also an EPSRC and WSoA grant winning researcher in the front line of progressive research, investigating ways of boosting sustainability of student accommodations through design improvements, and residents' engagement in pro-environmental behaviour.

Adrienn Rokosni, Founder

Lead Intervention Designer, CEO
Atilla has 15 years experience and a strong track record in delivering complex solutions to major clients. His pragmatic and value oriented thinking position Serocco interventions on C-level management agenda, and exposes the multi-layered gains that investing in sustainability has to offer.

He leads all software developement and data mining tasks and focuses on the creation of our data science platform.

Atilla Kiss Gazda

Head of Business Development and Technology
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